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Policy Statement

The policy of the College of Health Professions at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is to recruit and admit high quality students into the various college programs which provide health professionals to meet the needs of Tennessee and the nation at large.

Although admission guidelines are similar in most cases for all programs offered by the College of Health Professions, this document is intended to represent policy and guidelines for health professions.

College of Health Professions Admission Criteria

Recommending that a student repeat all or part of the curriculum may be made only if all

  1. The minimum overall grade point average (GPA) required for admission to each program varies and can be found in the program’s admission requirements at
  2. An applicant may be conditionally accepted to a program without having completed all prerequisite work. However, coursework must be successfully completed prior to starting the program.
  3. The admissions committee may consider substituting a similar course for a prerequisite course with approval from the dean.
  4. Applicants who have not completed all pre-requisite course requirements must submit a proposed plan of study for completion of all remaining required course work as part of their initial application. The purpose of the proposed plan of study is to determine whether or not it is possible for an applicant to complete all requirements.
  5. The purpose of other required materials, such as the essay contained in the official application and the pre-professional evaluation, is to assess such attributes as communication skills, behavioral/social attributes, emotional health, good judgment, responsibility, ability to function under stress, and flexibility.
  6. The pre-health advisory committee in the applicant’s college or university submits a composite pre-professional evaluation. Where such a committee does not exist, the applicant should contact the individual program for alternatives for the composite pre-professional evaluation.        
  7. Applicants must participate in a personal interview if required by the programadmission committee. The interview can provide an important opportunity for admission committee members to assess each applicant’s knowledge of and interest in the discipline being considered, and to observe each applicant’s personality traits, maturity, social adjustment, poise, and verbal communication ability which may be predictors of his/her ability to establish effective interpersonal relationships. The interview also gives applicants the opportunity to elaborate upon special circumstances that should be considered in the selection process. In some programs, interviews are used for advising applicants, and if they occur early in the cycle, provide an opportunity to advise applicants about remaining prerequisites and to make sure the correct courses are being planned. Interview results should be maintained in the applicant’s record in the program files for future reference.
  8. English courses taken at foreign universities (if accepted by the program) are counted as electives (English as a second language) and do not count toward fulfilling the prerequisite requirements for English in the programs requiring such a prerequisite.
  9. Programs may require applicants to have a specified number of observational  hours in the clinical or laboratory setting.

Responsibilities of the Dean

The dean of the College of Health Professions will

  1. ensure that appropriate admission criteria and procedures are established, observed, and applied uniformly by all programs in the college.
  2. approve and periodically review the admission processes established by programs in the college, thereby assuring compliance with applicable college, campus, system and legal standards.
  3. review and approve the admission recommendations made by program admission committees for each class of entering students.
  4. ensure formal notification each applicant of action taken on his/her individual application.
  5. delegate duties related to admissions as appropriate.
  6. create and seek the advice of a college admission advisory committee as needed.
  7. provide final approval of requests for waiver of specific admission requirements based on recommendations of admission committees.

Responsibilities of Department Chairs

Department chairs in the College of Health Professions will

  1. define, document and implement an admission process for the specific program(s) which meet(s) established college criteria and procedures, with advice from faculty and the departmental or program’s admission advisory committee, if one exists.
  2. conduct annual admission activities necessary to produce timely admission recommendations to the dean for approval.
  3. counsel applicants regarding admission decisions.

    NOTE: No information on admission decisions shall be given to anyone other than the applicant unless the applicant consents to release of this information. Applicants must submit the Student Information Release Waiver Form provided on the Registrar’s webpage in order for information to be released.
  4. appoint committees to perform duties related to admissions such as:
  5. Admission Committees: Admission committees shall have broadly based membership. Chairs of these committees are responsible for ensuring that the committees:
    • review the application, credentials, and supporting documents of all applicants submitted to the Office of Admissions or the appropriate centralized application service (CAS) prior to the established deadline.
    • submit recommendations for acceptance, alternate status, denial, conditional admission, waiver of an admission requirement, or other appropriate action to the dean for approval.
    • conduct deliberations that are free of bias or discrimination.
    • make recommendations reflecting provision of equal opportunity for admission and uniform application of admission criteria to all applicants.

Admissions Procedure
Chair of Admissions

  1. Prepares a recommendation memorandum to the dean separated by: (1) applicants who are recommended for admission, (2) applicants who are recommended for denial and (3) applicants who are recommended to be alternates. Lists must include the following:
    1. Applicant’s mailing address and email address
    2. Deadline for completion of criminal background check and payment of guaranteed enrollment deposit (GED)
    3. Program name clearly identified
    4. Signature of program official (program director, department chair or admissions committee chair).  See Attachment #1 for a sample recommendation memorandum.
  2. Sends the recommendation memorandum to the Dean’s designee,
Dean’s designee     For programs not utilizing a CAS
  1. Obtains the Dean’s signature on the recommendation letter approving the committee’s recommendations.  
  2. Oversees preparation of the letters of acceptance, denial or alternate.
  3. Sends letters of acceptance, denial or alternate to the program director as a quality control check for accuracy, using a checklist.

Program director

1.   Reviews each letter for accuracy.

2. Requests any changes to the letters containing errors, if any.

Dean’s designee

  1. Makes requested error corrections.
  2. Returns the letter to the program director for final approval.

Program Director

  1. Reviews revised letters.
  2. Returns the letters to the Dean’s designee to be delivered.

Dean’s designee

  1. Delivers the letters to applicants denied and those selected as alternates.
  2. Delivers the accepted applicants the following information.
    1. The acceptance letter signed by the dean with copies to
      1. the chairman/program director,
      2. the financial aid office
      3. admissions office
    2. A sheet listing FAQs, if provided by the appropriate department.

Retention of Admissions Committee minutes and documentation

  • Admissions Committee minutes and supporting documentation should be destroyed at the time of matriculation of the students.
  • Non-Accepted applicant’s application materials should be maintained for no more than one year after the Admissions Committee meeting.


SAMPLE RECOMMENDATION MEMORANDUM                                                                                               



TO:                  Noma Anderson, Ph.D.

                        Dean, Health Professions

FROM:            Ima Admissions Committee, Chair

                        Medical Technology Admissions Committee

SUBJ:              Medical Technology Admissions, Committee Recommendations

DATE:             May 15, 20xx

The Medical Technology Admissions Committee makes the following recommendations with respect to applicants for the class entering August 20xx. The background checks for these students must be completed by July1, 20xx. Guaranteed Enrollment Deposit of (insert amount) must be paid by (insert date).

ACCEPT                                             DENY

John Doe                                              Daisy Doe                                           

1234 Elm St.                                        PO BX 1234                                                   

Elsewhere, TN 38187                          Anywhere, MS 32129                     

Kelly Smith                                          

4321 Oak St.                                     

Somewhere, TN 37604                                   

Kelly Jones                                          

123 Ash St,                             

Nowhere, TN 38018                                       


APPROVED: _______________                 APPROVED:__________________

                                Ima Department Chair, Ph.D.                                                    Noma Anderson, PhD

Chair, Clinical Lab Sciences                                          Dean, Health Professions

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