Once you start the application, your responses will automatically be saved until February 1st before auto submission. You will be able to access your saved responses as long as you use the same computer and web browser. As soon as you hit “Submit Application” on the last page, your application will be complete and you will not be able to make additional changes.

Application FAQs

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Is there a fee to apply?


No, there is no fee to apply to any UTHSC summer program.

When is the application deadline?


TIP – the application deadline is February 15th

SRS – the application deadline is February 28th

I have previously attended a UTHSC summer program – can I apply again?


Yes, however, that does not guarantee your acceptance for a second year.

Can I apply for both TIP Track I and TIP Track II?


Yes, however, please keep in mind that Track I is generally reserved for freshmen and sophomores as they explore career options. If you are applying to Track II, it is understood that you have already decided what kind of professional school you want to attend.

I did not attend TIP Track I – can I still apply for Track II?


Yes, Track I is not a prerequisite for Track II.

Where do I send my transcript(s) and letters of recommendation?


Mail to: 800 Madison Ave., Room 300
Memphis, TN 38163

Can I submit an electronic transcript?


Yes, electronic transcripts should come from a verified provider and may be emailed to

Can my recommenders email their letters of recommendation?


Yes, recommenders may email their letters of recommendation directly to

Should I wait until my transcript(s) and letters of recommendation are received before submitting my application?


No, transcript(s) and letters of recommendation will be added to your application as they are received. You should not delay submitting the online portion of your application while you wait for them.

I am not from the Memphis area – is housing available during the summer programs?


TIP – yes, housing is available at no cost to the student at the University of Memphis

SRS – yes, housing is available at the University of Memphis; however, students will use a portion of their stipend to cover the cost.

*Please note that all students will have to provide their own transportation

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