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  • Return graduation invitation to Emily Cooley, even if you have your own regalia. Be sure to sign the card. The card is the only way we have of knowing that you will attend and of assigning seats on the dais. The deadline is April 1.
  • Attendance at graduation is mandatory. Deans are responsible for approving student requests to graduate in absentia and for notifying the Registrar in writing by May 1 (for May graduation) and November 1 (for December graduation). Messages about not attending graduation cannot be accepted from students, Bookstore staff, regalia staff, or anyone other than the dean's office.
  • Honors designations must be finalized with the Registrar by the end of fall semester for May graduation and the end of spring semester for December graduation.
  • After May 1 (for May graduation) and November 1 (for December graduation), student names cannot be added to or deleted from the program.
  • Faculty who do not respond to the graduation invitation (by returning it to Emily Cooley) may not be seated in the appropriate place.
  • Students who have not completed all the requirements for the degree by the time of graduation will not be allowed to walk or have their names printed in the program.

If you have any questions about UTHSC graduation ceremonies, please contact:

Jonnie Perez
Director, Student Life
(901) 448-2839

Emily Cooley
Administrative Aid, Student Life
(901) 448-5610

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