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Policies and Procedures for Course Directors

According to CGHS policy, all courses (including seminars) with more than five students must be evaluated. CoursEval™ is the official system; however, Program Directors may request permission from the Dean to use another system.

Course Directors. By mid-March/mid-October (by which time the roster of students is set), send to the Administrative Specialist (Elizabeth Webb) the following information:

  1. Course name and number
  2. Name of course director and all other instructors in that course. (If not UTHSC faculty, please provide email address as well.)
  3. List of all students (using a printout from the FIS will help ensure that the course roster is correct). Note that some students (e.g., postdocs, medical residents) may not appear on the FIS course roster. In this event, provide these students’ names and email addresses to the Administrative Specialist.
  4. Starting and ending dates for the evaluation (generally, the evaluation should start the last day of the course and extend for about 10 days).
  5. Any questions to be added to the standard evaluation questions.

Administrative Specialist. The Specialist will create an evaluation, populate it with the students in the course, add any additional questions, and notify students through CoursEval™ once the evaluation has been activated.

The following CGHS policy will be included in the email to students:

Students are required to complete evaluations for courses using CoursEval™. Students not completing an evaluation by the deadline given by the course director will be given a grade of I (incomplete) until the evaluation is completed. If a student does not resolve a grade of I during the following semester, the I automatically becomes an F on the student’s permanent record.

Note: Until the evaluation is closed, course directors and faculty cannot access the results or see the list of students who have or have not completed the evaluation. To determine who has and has not completed, contact the Administrative Specialist or the Associate Dean, both of whom have access to this information. The Administrative Specialist will send a reminder five days before the close of the evaluation to all students who have not completed it.

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