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Deposit Procedures for Year-End Closing

The following information is to assist you in recording funds received at year-end into the appropriate fiscal year.

Funds received by June 30 are to be receipted as June 30 each fiscal year.

The IRIS document and deposit slip should clearly indicate that it is a deposit for that fiscal year. Funds received in the department on July 1 are receipted for the following fiscal year, regardless of the date shown on the remittance check.

All year end deposits must be received in the Cashier's Office by 5:00 pm following the next business day after June 30th.

Funds for two fiscal years cannot be combined on one document and/or one deposit slip.

Funds deposited for the current fiscal year must be on one deposit slip and documents with the following fiscal year must be on separate documents. Departments who fail to separate the two years will be requested to send someone to the Cashier’s Office to correct the deposit.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Byron Porter at 448-4847 or Tammi Redmond at 448-6773.

If your department is anticipating receiving funds via wire or ACH through the University's general bank account, please contact our office to let us know the source and amount you are expecting.

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