Terms and Conditions

By accepting your financial aid offer you are agreeing to fulfill all of the following terms and conditions set by federal regulations and university policies:

  1. You will notify the Financial Aid Office (FAO) immediately if you receive sources of assistance which are not listed on your award notice, or are listed with different amounts.
  2. You confirm that the information reported on your aid application is correct and complete.
  3. You are not in default on educational loans and do not owe a refund for any federal funds received at UTHSC or elsewhere.
  4. You certify that before filing your FAFSA you were never convicted of a drug-related crime, or, if convicted, you have completed an approved drug rehabilitation program, and/or all convictions have been removed from your record.
  5. You agree to notify the Office of Financial Aid if you are incarcerated during any term in which you are receiving financial aid.
  6. If after filing your FAFSA you are convicted of possessing or selling drugs, you will notify FAO immediately.
  7. You are NOT enrolled in a certificate or other non-degree granting program.
  8. You are making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree as described under Satisfactory Academic Progress page.
  9. To receive your full award amounts, you must maintain the enrollment level required for each aid program listed on your award notice. You may be billed for aid adjustments caused by changes in enrollment status. To check enrollment status required for a specific award, contact the UTHSC financial aid office.
  10. You must notify the college department you are enrolled under if you withdraw from the University. Withdraw information can be found in the Centerscope.
  11. You agree that your financial aid will be used to pay any and all university charges that accrue to your account. If you wish to limit aid to pay only tuition, fees, and on-campus housing charges you must notify the FAO in writing.
  12. You will respond promptly to all requests from the FAO for additional information. If you do not respond, you may be billed for a portion or all of the financial aid disbursed to you.
  13. You agree that a financial aid refund from one semester can be used to cover any prior semester's outstanding charges. If you wish to decline the crediting of one semester's aid refund to a prior semester's charges, you must decline in writing to the Bursar's Office, 62 South Dunlap, Suite 103, Memphis, Tennessee 38163, ten days before the start of the semester.
  14. You will notify the FAO if you have been awarded financial aid for a semester in which you do not plan to enroll.
  15. You certify that any federal student aid funds received during the award year will be used solely for educational expenses related to attendance during the year.
  16. You have read the federally-required disclosures on the Federal Notices page.
  17. You agree to repay to UTHSC any financial aid funds disbursed to you in error. If a mistake was made, whether by yourself, the OFA, or another agency, federal regulations require that the mistake be corrected and funds be billed back as necessary.

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