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Compensation (also known as Total Rewards) can be defined as all of the rewards earned by employees in return for their labor. This includes:

  • Direct financial compensation consisting of pay received in the form of wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions provided at regular and consistent intervals
  • Indirect financial compensation including all financial rewards that are not included in direct compensation and understood to form part of the social contract between the employer and employee such as benefits, leaves, retirement plans, education, and employee services
  • Non-financial compensation referring to topics such as career development and advancement opportunities, opportunities for recognition, as well as work environment and conditions



Cost of Living Per State

Cost of living comparison and salary calculator. Use this salary calculator to compare the living costs of two different cities in the USA. Our Cost of Living calculator bases its results on supply and demand factors reflected on the salary ranges for a particular city, or state and the regional and national Consumer Price Index (CPI) information.
Calculator:  Cost of Living

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