Work Study Job Listing

UTHSC Student Assistant

Location: Student Alumni Center

Department: Student Life

Address: 800 Madison Ave. Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38163

Contact: Emily Cooley at

Posting Start Date: August 2015

Posting End Date: Until

Salary: $10.00 per hour

Status: Part-time

Job description: Greet visitors; assist with orientations, student activities, and mailings; answer the telephone, file, run errands, post fliers, and staff the office.

Job Requirement: This person must demonstrate reliability, time management skills and have the willingness to learn as the first point of contact for the office.

Educational Value: Individuals in this position would be challenging their leadership, time management and personal responsibility skills.

Evaluation: This position is evaluated constantly with main feedback times each semester by the staff in charge of student workers.

Laboratory Research Assistant

Location: Department of Medicine (Hematology-Oncology),

Address: Cancer Research Building, 19 S. Manassas, Room 115, Memphis, TN-38103

Contact Person: Ramesh Narayanan (8-2403);

Position start date: 03-15-2015

Position end date: 03-14-2016

Number of Positions: 1-2

Salary: $10 per hour

Status: Part-time

Job Description: Responsibilities include reagent preparation, glassware washing, maintaining laboratory supplies, lab organization, perform molecular biological experiments (nucleic acid isolation, Western blot, genotype, real-time PCR), cell culture, and animals dosing.

Job Requirements: molecular biological experiments (nucleic acid isolation, Western blot, genotype, realtime PCR), cell culture, transfection, and animals dosing.

Education Value: During the course of employment, the student will acquire experience in oncology and drug discovery research. 10-20 hr. /week (working days and/or weekends).

Evaluation: Students are evaluated on how fast they become technically competent and how well they understand the underlying principles of the techniques they use. We evaluate them after the first month and then on every three months.

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Assistant

Location: Department of Occupational Therapy

Address: 930 Madison Avenue, Suite 621, Memphis, TN 38163


Position Start Date: May 2015

Position End Date: July 2016

Salary: $10.00 per hour

Status: Part-time

Job Description: The work-study responsibilities are to assist the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator with basic office management. Office management will consist of scanning documents, maintaining Blackboard Level II Fieldwork site, filing, data input, preparing mailings and certificates for fieldwork educators.

Job Requirements: The student must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Blackboard. Student will need to check email regularly for incoming documents with attachments and/or contact information for fieldwork coordinators. The Academic Fieldwork Coordinator will provide orientation and an office space will be available for work-study tasks.

Educational Value: The work study student will learn valuable administrative skills that are essential for maintaining a clinical caseload and supervisory duties for Lead OT and management positions. Students will also have the opportunity to network and collaborate with OT faculty for fieldwork and department-related goals. Students will gain experience in professionalism and time management that is need for Level II fieldwork and entry-level careers.

Evaluation: Students are evaluated once a semester on their progress on projects and individual work study assignments.

Student Research Assistant

Location: Microbiology, Immunology and Biochemistry

Address: 858 Madison Ave. Ste. 501C, Memphis, TN 38163

Contact Information: Dr. Ae-Kyung Yi (901-287-4475)

Position Start Date: July or August 2014

Position End Date: until

Salary: $10 per hour

Status: Part-time

Job Description: Responsibilities include reagent preparation, lab glassware washing, maintaining laboratory supplies, culture media preparation, general lab organization, routine genomic DNA isolation and genotyping, and assist researchers in the lab for various experiments and experiment preparations.

Job Requirements: Full-time student of one of colleges in the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. A student should have basic knowledge in chemistry, biology, microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology. A student should be responsible and must have an ability to follow instruction and learn new techniques. Good organizing skill, ability to work in the group, and ability to use Windows operating system and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are preferred

Educational Value: Student will learn how to take responsibility, follow the instruction, work with other people, improve communication skills, organize laboratory and time, data processing, and use of various basic software. Student will also learn various knowledge in the area of life sciences, including basic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, in practical sense, and acquire hand-on experiences on applications of text book knowledge in the area of life science. Student have chance to learn immunology and molecular biological techniques. This position will be most beneficial for students who major in basic or clinical laboratory techniques and management program and medical, dental, or pharmacy student who are interests in research later in their career.

Evaluation: Students are evaluated the first two week of working. The students are evaluated based on their work ethics and attitude. After the first two weeks, the students are evaluated once a week on their work performance.

Pharmacy Intern

Location: Blount Memorial Hospital

Address: 907 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville, TN 37804

Contact Information: Jeanne Ezell at

Position Start Date: August 2014

Position End Date: May 2017

Salary: $12.00 per hour

Status: Part-time

Number of Positions: 2

Job Description: Interns learn to perform technical and clinical pharmacy services Primary duties and Responsibilities: IV admixtures, patient medication histories, patient medication counseling, assessment of patients and review of medication, and special projects Essential Functions: interns perform duties within pharmacy and throughout the hospital, requiring good physical condition, utilizing skills learned in pharmacy school.

Job Requirements: Current student in good standing at University of Tennessee Pharmacy School; knowledge of medical terminology; good computer and math skills; ability to communicate clearly; can commit to working an average of 10 hours per week.

Educational Value: Apply and gain strong experience in sterile product compounding and hospital drug distribution processes; Develop and/or strengthen medication counseling skills; Learn how to perform and document a thorough medication and allergy history for hospital admission medication reconciliation; become familiar with drugs and dosage forms, especially injectables in the hospital setting; become familiar with hospital patient records and information systems, by collecting, using and documenting patient information; and gain experience with a wide variety of clinical activities, working closely with hospital pharmacists. All of these activities enhance learning in pharmacy school courses and application of learning, as well as excellent preparation for Applied Therapeutics and Advanced Rotations during 3rd and 4th year of pharmacy school.

Evaluation: Students are evaluated once a year on understanding hospital and pharmacy organizational structure, mission, goals and on understanding and demonstrating infection control and safety procedures.

Office Assistant

Location: Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Address: 66 N. Pauline Suites 116, Memphis, TN 38163

Contact Information: Kimberly Harris at Office#: 901-448-1663 or

Position Start Date: April 2015

Position End Date: Until

Salary: $10.00 per hour

Status: Part-Time

Number of Posted Positions: 3

Job description: The Office Assistant works under the direct supervision of the Admissions Manager/Admin Coordinator. The position is responsible for assisting with the daily office operations in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies at the UT Health Science Center Campus. Answering Telephones at the front desk, Greeting Visitors, Students Campus Tours, Copying and Filing, Running Errands, Light Computer Work, Assisting with Miscellaneous Office Assignments and Performing other job related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements: Essential Functions: Ability to provide excellent customer service with a pleasant demeanor to visitors. Ability to communicate effectively with students and guest of the university. Ability to make decisions and work independently. Ability to ensure policies and procedures are followed in all decisions. Ability to utilize advanced planning techniques and time-management to ensure a good attendance record and/or acquire subs well in advance.

Educational Values: Better time management skills, Detail orientation, Special Event and project planning, Improved telephone etiquette, Experience with interdisciplinary collaborations & education, Development of technological and research skills.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated after 60 days of continued employment. Evaluations will cover the following: Accountability & Dependability- the extent to which the student contributes to the effectiveness of the department; prompt arrival to each shift and adherence to work schedule. Adaptability & Flexibility- student exhibits openness to new ideas, programs, systems, and/or structures. Decision making & Problem Solving- student makes sound and logical job-related decisions that are in the best interest of the department and University as a whole. Accomplishments- extent to which the student meets expectations in performing job functions of their position as defined in job posting. Professionalism- appearance, student’s ability to answer direct questions from faculty, staff and program students, overall office etiquette (telephone, email, etc.)

Pharmacy Intern

Job location: Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge

Address: 990 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Contact: Katy Wright, PharmD, BCPS: 865.835.3918

Position Start Date: July 2013

Position End Date: "Until"

Salary: $12.00 per hour

Status: Part-time

Job description: Making rounds to patient care areas to deliver medications and IV fluids, Filling new medication orders, Filling and reconciling floor stock/automated dispensing cabinet, Entering patient charges and credits into the computer, Using proper sterile technique to prepare IV admixtures and other sterile products, Restocking and maintaining the IV room, Interacting with other hospital personnel, include ng physicians and nurses, both on the telephone and in person, Operation of automated packaging equipment, Assist pharmacists in clinical projects.

Educational Value: Student will learn how to provide patient-centered medication management, how to provide appropriate distribution of medications, how to manage the practice, how to appropriately utilize professional and lay literature, how to promote health and wellness, how to foster a team-based approach to health care, how to demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors, how to communicate appropriately, and how to ensure medication safety.

Job Requirements: Active listening, attention to detail, drug knowledge, effective communication, ability to solve problems, time management, critical thinking, organizational skills, and computer literacy.

Evaluation: meet with the work study interns periodically (at least twice per year and usually more often than this) to provide feedback and ensure we are meeting their educational needs. The evaluation is subjective based on their performance and any feedback I receive from other healthcare professionals on the team.

Intramural Official

Location: Student Alumni Center

Department: Campus Recreation

Address: 800 Madison Ave. Suite 312, Memphis, TN 38163

Contact: Justin Kautz at

Posting Start Date: July 2013

Posting End Date: Until

Salary: $10.00 per hour

Status: part-time

Job description: Officiating/Supervising intramural events. Some hours are available for office work to help in the administration of the intramural leagues. Thorough training is provided, no experience required!

Job Requirement: applicants would share general interest in fitness and recreation as well as sports and related activities. This person must demonstrate reliability and time management skills. The willingness to learn and the ability to work in a fun and fast-paced atmosphere. Experience at diffusing and handling difficult situations are a plus.

Educational Value: Individuals in this position would be challenging their leadership, risk management, time management and personal responsibility skills.

Evaluation: The fitness center staff is evaluated constantly with main feedback times each semester by The Coordinator in charge of student workers.

Pharmacy Technician

Location: Memphis Veteran Affairs Hospital

Department: Pharmacy

Address: 1030 Jefferson Ave. Memphis, TN 38104

Contact: Yvonne Spahr at

Posting Start Date: July 2013

Posting End Date: Until

Salary: $12.00 per hour

Status: part-time

Job description: Inpatient Pharmacy - Stocking and procurement activities, unit dose preparation, filling patient medication drawers from unit dose cart, Iv & unit dose orders, preparing and delivering IVs for patient use, processing new orders from stat counter.

Outpatient Pharmacy - Processes and prepares prescriptions to dispense to patients stocking collating, handing prescriptions to patients at window, and other duties as assigned.

SCI / Mail out Pharmacy - Review medication orders for appropriateness, process medication orders for dispensing to patients, assist pharmacist in preparing medication to dispense to patients, stocking, and other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements: Must be a US Citizen (Born in the US or Naturalized),basic knowledge of medications, including brand/generic names, storage requirements, medication appearance, dosage forms and strengths, the ability to quickly adapt to change, handle multiple tasks simultaneously and accommodate new situations and realities,The ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, patients, customers and visitors,Good customer service skills, confidentiality and computer security, commit to one four (4) hour shift every week and willing to work on all school breaks.

Education Value: Pass Licensing Exam to become an outstanding professional in specified field of study. Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about medications, including indications, proper dosages, contraindications, etc. Students will also be able to use and improve their communication skills while assisting patients with various needs.

Evaluation: Students are evaluated once a semester, based on the process of preparing prescription/medication orders and accurately and completely assembling materials including proper medication and strength.

PT Graduate Assistant

Location: Department of Physical Therapy

Address: 930 Madison Ave. Ste. 650, Memphis, TN 38163


Posting Start Date: July 2013

Posting End Date: until

Salary: $10.00/hour

Status: Part-Time

Job description: Assist physical therapy students in 511ANAT - Gross Anatomy (with dissection and instruction), 523PT - Physical Evaluation Procedures in lab and 526PT - Kinesiology and Pathkinesiology I and organization of physical therapy lab. Student must have taken the courses.

Job Requirements: Second year Doctor of Physical Therapy students who has successfully completed first year with a grade of "B" or better.

Educational value: This position reinforces curriculum content to prepare students for clinical internships, teaching patients, family and community groups.

Evaluation: The students are evaluated on their progress on projects and individual work study assignments. Designate faculty supervisors give feedback on how they are performing on their individual work study assignments during that period. If students do not carry out assignments satisfactorily, they are removed from that position.

Pharmacy Intern

Location: Regional One Health

Address: 877 Jefferson Ave., Memphis, TN 38103


Posting Start Date: July 2012

Posting End Date: Until

Salary: $12.00/hour

Status: Part-time

Job Description: Pharmacy Students will learn and participate in all activities related to the preparation and distribution of medications for inpatients and outpatients at Regional One Health. Activities will included, but not be limited to, filling and labeling outpatient prescriptions, counseling outpatients on medication therapy, delivery of medications to the units, preparation and filling of automated dispensing units on the floors and in the pharmacy areas

Job Requirements: Must be enrolled in an accredited College of Pharmacy program

Educational Value: The student will learn how to transport charts, records, supplies, specimens, medication and equipment to and from all areas in the hospital. They will also learn how to work effectively with hospital/medical staff, patients and others.

Educational Value: pharmacy students will observe and participate in the preparation and dispensing of medications, using medication therapy management when counseling patients on a wide scope of acute and chronic medications. Students will improve their own communication and listening skills with patients, peers, and healthcare providers through medication reconciliation activities, patient counseling at discharge and vaccine screening.

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