David T. Tse, MD, FACS 14th Annual Williford Distinguished Visiting Professor

Drs. Fleming, Brian Tse, David Tse, Hoehn, Wilson, Phillips, and Haik (Left to right) James C. Fleming, MD, FACS, Brian C. Tse, MD, David T. Tse, MD, FACS, Mary Ellen Hoehn, MD, Matthew W. Wilson, MD, Margaret E. Phillips, MD, and Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS

The Hamilton Eye Institute was proud to welcome our 14th William N. Williford, MD, Distinguished Visiting Professor, David T. Tse, MD, FACS, Professor of Ophthalmology, Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid Chair in Ophthalmic Plastic, Orbital Surgery and Oncology, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Fla.

Dr. Tse presented the Williford Lecture, "Emerging Therapeutic Advancements for Orbital Diseases," sharing very insightful instruction with an audience of ophthalmologists and health care providers. Following his enlightening lecture, Dr. Tse received a custom-designed plaque etched with an artistic rendering of the Hamilton Eye Institute.

Dr. Tse also provided the residents of the Hamilton Eye Institute with an engaging discussion of a range of ophthalmic surgery pearls and principles. Then, at HEI's weekly grand rounds, Dr. Tse presented an array of fascinating oculoplastic surgery case reports, each with particular lessons to be learned from them.

We were delighted to have Dr. Tse with us, and we sincer.ely appreciate his outstanding service as the fourteenth Williford Distinguished Visiting Professor.