Steve Charles, MD, Delivers Pakistan Lecture

Dr. Charles Dr. Charles (seated at bottom foreground) can be seen on-screen (upper right) as he delivers two lectures to an audience in Karachi, Pakistan.

As one of the world's leading vitreoretinal surgeons, Hamilton Eye Institute (HEI) Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology Dr. Steve Charles has developed many of the techniques and devices used by all vitreoretinal surgeons. He is also a prolific public speaker who has delivered more than 1,000 lectures in more than 50 countries. On January 28, 2012, he added Pakistan to that list.

Invited by Dr. Rehman Siddiqui at the Shahzad Eye Hospital in Pakistan, Dr. Charles appeared at an event sponsored by Alcon and attended by a large audience of vitreoretinal surgeons and comprehensive ophthalmologists in Karachi, Pakistan - and he did it without ever having to pack a bag, board a plane or show a passport. Through the HEI Telemedicine Program, Dr. Charles was able to deliver his lectures from the HEI Freeman Auditorium over 8,000 miles away. His topics, "Updates in the Management of Diabetic Retinopathy," and "25G Vitrectomy for Diabetic Traction Retinal Detachment," generated a great deal of interest and led to a lively "Q & A" discussion following his presentations.

Drs. Charles and Siddiqui are now planning an even more ambitious undertaking for this summer: Dr. Charles will perform a live vitreoretinal microsurgery at the HEI Surgery Center while an audience in Pakistan observes. This extraordinary demonstration will provide an opportunity for ophthalmic surgeons in Pakistan to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in vitreoretinal surgery through first-hand observation and discussion with an internationally acclaimed leader in the field.