Southeast Eye Meeting 2012

Photo from the Southeast Eye Meeting 2012 (Left to right) Dr. Feist, Dr. Dale Heuer (professor and chair, Medical College of Wisconsin), Dr. Salim, Dr. Gregory Skuta (professor and chair, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine), and Dr. Haik.

The annual Southeast Eye Regional Meeting, co-sponsored by the Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee Academies of Ophthalmology, was held in Destin, Fla., July 26-28, 2012. The meeting was co-chaired by Richard M. Feist, MD, associate professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and by Sarwat Salim, MD, associate professor of Ophthalmology and Glaucoma Service director at the UT Hamilton Eye Institute.

The meeting was a resounding success, featuring internationally renowned speakers presenting on topics in all subspecialties of ophthalmology. Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS, Hamilton Professor of Ophthalmology and director of the Hamilton Eye Institute, was a featured speaker at the event. He presented the 2012 Roger L. Hiatt, MD, Lecture, a comprehensive update on retinoblastoma.

Drs. Feist and Salim are grateful to Sue Chasteen and Mike Merrill, the executive directors of the Tennessee and Alabama Academies of Ophthalmology, respectively, for their dedication and exceptional organizational skills.