Sight-Saving Mission in Indonesia

The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital recently visited Surabaya, Indonesia, to provide sight-saving surgeries and to enhance the training of local eye care professionals. Among the surgeons and medical staff who volunteered for this mission was James C. Fleming, MD, FACS, the Philip M. Lewis Professor and vice-chair of Ophthalmology at HEI. Dr. Fleming worked together with other surgeons who performed many sight-saving surgeries in local hospitals as well as on the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital airplane. It was a very rewarding experience, and Dr. Fleming was extremely gratified to participate in this outstanding program. We are truly grateful to FedEx for their participation and their continued technical support of the ORBIS DC-10/Flying Eye Hospital.

Dr. Fleming improved quality of life for many grateful patients and their families, performing eye surgeries on board the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital and at local hospitals in Surabaya.