HEI Residents & Fellows Depart as New Arrivals Welcomed

We congratulate our graduating residents and know that they will excel as they take the next steps in their careers: Dr. Steven R. Ballard, a captain in the U.S. Army, will practice ophthalmology for one year at Fort Riley in Kansas City, Kansas, before moving on to a pediatric ophthalmology fellowship; Dr. John D. Hyatt will continue his medical education with HEI in a retinal fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Steven Charles; Dr. David F. Jones will also remain with us as he begins an oculoplastics fellowship with Dr. James C. Fleming; and Dr. Aaron N. Waite will begin a fellowship at the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute in Denver, Colorado, specializing in cornea and external disease.

We also congratulate our graduating fellows: Dr. Yevginey (Eugene) Shildkrot begins a retina fellowship with Dr. Evangelos S. Gragoudas at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston, where Dr. Maria Kirzhner has also accepted a fellowship in pathology with Dr. Frederick Jacobiek; Dr. Heather Hancock moves on to join the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Mississippi in Jackson; Dr. Alan "Chip" Oester begins his second year oculoplastics fellowship with Dr. Ralph Wesley in Nashville, Tennessee; and Dr. Brendan P. Girschek continues his fellowship here in Memphis under Dr. Steven Charles.

In addition to our heartfelt congratulations to all our departing graduates, we also gladly welcome our incoming first-year residents, Drs. Lauren Ditta, Katie Mills, Lauren Harris, and Brian Tse, for whom many challenges and accomplishments lie ahead as they join us at the UT Hamilton Eye Institute.