New UT Ad Campaign Features Hamilton Eye Institute Research

An exciting new advertising campaign has been initiated by the University of Tennessee. Its goal is to promote awareness of the university's presence in and impact on the Memphis community. The "Right Here in Memphis" ad campaign currently features three eye-catching designs, one of which highlights the research of Dr. Edward Chaum here at the UT Hamilton Eye Institute.

In cooperation with Ken Tobin, PhD, at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Dr. Chaum has developed a method for physicians at remote locations to photograph patients' retinas and instantly send those images to an online database where the photos are compared to thousands of other photos of diseased retinas. The system then returns a diagnosis to the remote location, informing the physician whether the patient may have a retinal disease such as diabetic retinopathy or age-related macular degeneration and suggesting a course of action. Read more about this exciting new technology.external link

Posters featuring the new ads are currently displayed on downown trolleys and at Memphis International Airport. Radio spots have been highlighting the campaign as well, appearing on stations such as WKNO 91.1 FM, WHBQ 560 AM, and WHBQ 107.5 FM. Take a look at some of the posters and other ads in the campaign.