Mid-South Lions Leaders Weekend

Participants, lecturers and organizers of the 2012 Lions Leaders Weekend

The recent Mid-South Lions Leaders Weekend at the Hamilton Eye Institute was a roaring success. This annual event, organized by Mid-South Lions CEO, Brad Baker, is open to anyone who wants to learn about the Midsouth Lions Sight and Hearing Service.

The day began in the HEI Freeman Auditorium with stimulating lectures about the latest developments in eye-care technology by Drs. Edward Chaum and Margaret E. Phillips. Next, attendees were treated to an exciting demonstration of the HEI's new 3-D surgical video system. Finally, volunteer members of our faculty and staff, Ed Richter and Drs. Kanner, Iannaccone, Mills, Calderwood and Swaminathan, led over a hundred Lion visitors through our specialty clinics, research floor, and surgery and skills transfer centers.

We enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit the Hamilton Eye lnstitute's facilities and programs for the Mid-South Lions leadership, members and supporters. We treasure our collaboration with the Lions in our shared mission to fight blindness.