Incoming Residents Matched for 2014

Benjamin King, Emily McIntosh, Andrew Meador & Henry WynnFrom left to right:
Benjamin King, Emily McIntosh, Andrew Meador & Henry Wynn

We are pleased to announce the outcome of this winter's residency match. On July 1, 2014, the Hamilton Eye Institute's Ophthalmology Residency Program will welcome Benjamin King, MD, and Henry Wynn, MD from UTHSC, Emily McIntosh, MD, from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, and Andrew Meador, MD, from the University of Mississippi.
These four exceptional candidates were selected from among 44 who visited the institute for interviews, tours and an introduction to our Residency Program by its director, Natalie C. Kerr, MD, FACS. Those 44 were identified by the match process from among 358 applicants who listed our program among their top choices. Our faculty greatly anticipates the wonderful accomplishments that lie ahead for these four future residents at the Hamilton Eye Institute and in their future careers in ophthalmology.