HEI Site Visit to Quito, Ecuador

Dr. Haik and patient (LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED) Dr. Haik, a parent and a child patient; (STANDING) a pediatric fellow, Drs. Eguiguren, Molinari and Sanchez.

Recently, Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS, Hamilton Professor of Ophthalmology and director of the Hamilton Eye Institute, flew to Quito, Ecuador, with members of his team to visit Hospital Metropolitano, a site now under consideration for our Ayers International Outreach Initiative. Dr. Haik toured the facilities and met with key leadership and personnel. Representing the hospital were pediatric ophthalmologist Andrea Molinari, MD, and pediatric oncologist Jose Eguiguren, MD; representing the Sociedad de Lucha Contra el Cancer* (SOLCA) was pediatric oncologist Gissela Sanchez, MD; and representing the local Corazones Valientes Foundation were its directors, Hector Barahona and Karen Manjarrez. Strengths and opportunities were identified for a twinning partnership with St. Jude's International Outreach Program led by Ecuador Telemedicine Director Ibrahim Qaddoumi, MD, MS. Further discussions are forthcoming on how to best collaborate for the benefit of the children of Ecuador.

Dr. Haik exampines patient Dr. Haik examines an infant's eyes with an indirect ophthalmoscope at the Metropolitano Hospital in Quito, Ecuador.