Discovery TLC Network to Air Story of Bloody Tears Patient and Hamilton Eye Institute's Search for Answers

Over the past several months, local, national, and international news agencies have been following the story of Calvino Inman, a young man with unexplained bloody tears, or "haemolacria." In fact, the UT Health Science Center recently won its first two VOX Awardsexternal link from the Public Relations Society of America for features published about this story. Dr. Barrett G. Haik, director of the Hamilton Eye Institute (HEI), and Dr. James C. Fleming, Department of Ophthalmology vice-chair and director of the Orbit Center at HEI, have been searching for answers to the cause of Inman's condition. "The Boy with Bloody Tears," a documentary about the condition and the search for its cause, premiered in December 2010 on Discovery TLC. It featured interviews with Inman, his family, and Dr. Fleming.