Colombian Ophthalmological Society and American Academy of Ophthalmology

Invited speaker Dr. Brennan, program co-chairs Drs. Salim and Rey, and invited speakers Debbie Osborn and Dr. Natalio Izquierdo

Recently, Sarwat Salim, MD, FACS, associate professor of ophthalmology and HEI Glaucoma Service director, and Sandra Belalcázar Rey, MD, assistant instructor of ophthalmology at University of Rosario in Bogota, Colombia, conducted a symposium at the 19th Regional Colombian Ophthalmology Society Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia. This multidisciplinary symposium, "Meeting the Challenges of Education, Career, and Leadership in Our Multicultural Society," was part of an ongoing collaborative dialogue between the Colombian Ophthalmological Society and American Academy of Ophthalmology. It addressed a wide spectrum of issues relevant to most ophthalmologists, including education, career paths, leadership, public service, professional advocacy, and international partnership. Dr. Salim is grateful to Dr. Michael Brennan, past president of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, for his guidance and support for this educational program and its overall success.