Drs. Charles &amp Calzada Publish 5th Edition of Vitreous Microsurgery

Drs. Steven Charles and Jorge Calzada

The UT Hamilton Eye Institute is pleased to congratulate HEI clinical faculty Drs. Steven Charles and Jorge Calzada on the publication of the 5th edition of their book, Vitreous Microsurgery. Throughout his career, Dr. Charles has been a pioneer and innovator in vitreoretinal surgery. As an outstanding ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Calzada possesses particular expertise in complex retinal detachment repair, pediatric retina surgery and management of uveitis and inflammatory eye diseases. Their clinically proven methods, described in this book, continue to impart their knowledge of vitreoretinal surgery to ophthalmologists throughout the world. Previous editions of Vitreous Microsurgery have been translated to Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish languages. The book's publisher provides an apt description of the book:

... Vitreous Microsurgery is a comprehensive how-to guide to all vitreoretinal procedures. This thoroughly updated Fifth Edition describes many new techniques and refinements of established procedures. More than 170 three-dimensional full-color illustrations-many by the Charles Retina Institute's resident medical artist, Byron Wood-enable surgeons to clearly visualize the techniques.