Chair and Vice-Chair Appointed to Positions of State and National Impact

Drs. Haik and Fleming Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS - James C. Fleming, MD, FACS

Recently, Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS, Hamilton Professor and chair of Ophthalmology, and director of the Hamilton Eye Institute, was appointed by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to the Board of the Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency (HSDA). The Tennessee HSDA is responsible for regulating the health care industry in Tennessee through the Certificate of Need Program, which assures that health care projects are accomplished in an orderly, economical manner, consistent with the development of adequate and effective health care for the people of Tennessee.

James C. Fleming, MD, FACS, Philip M. Lewis Professor and vice-chair of Ophthalmology, was also recently appointed to a two-year position as chair for the Tennessee Medical Association (TMA) southeast Tennessee delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA). The nation's largest group of physicians, the AMA advocates issues vital to the nation's health and helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues.

Commenting on the overall appointments to Tennessee boards and commissions for 2011, Gov. Haslam said, "The state will be well represented, and I want to thank these men and women who are committed to serving the state."