AOC Certifying Exam Held at HEI

Photo of HEI orthoptists that received AOC certification LEFT to RIGHT: Chantel Devould, CO, Aaron Miller, MD, Melinda Rainey, MD, Natalie C. Kerr, MD, FACS, Claire Hennessey, CO, Alex Christoff, CO, Leslie France, CO.

In October, the American Orthoptic Council (AOC) held its annual oral certification exam at HEI. This event is held in a different city each year, and was last held at HEI in 2007. Orthoptics is an ophthalmic field dealing with the evaluation and treatment of patients with visual system disorders involving binocular vision and eye movements. After two years of course work, those pursuing orthoptist certification complete a written test and then attend this final examination.

HEI orthoptist Chantel Devould, CO, was one of three orthoptists who helped organize the exam, recruit volunteer patients, set up the exam rooms, and keep each phase of the exam on time. To evaluate each candidate's performance, several orthoptists and ophthalmologists from around the country were on hand to proctor the examinations, including HEI Professor of Ophthalmology Natalie C. Kerr, MD, FACS, who is also president of the AOC. This year, an impressive 14 orthoptists received certification at the event, the highest number in recent years.