Alumni/Residents Day Graduation Reception

Following the eventful presentations of Alumni/Residents' Day, the faculty and alumni assembled for a reception in honor of our graduating residents and fellows. At the ceremony, Natalie C. Kerr, MD, FACS, awarded diplomas to graduating residents, Julie L. Foreman, MD, Thomas L. Nix, MD, Siva S. R. Iyer, MD, and Emily Taylor Graves, MD. "This year's graduating residents have distinguished themselves as strong patient advocates, each one bringing unique skills and qualities to their practice of medicine," said Dr. Kerr of the graduates. "We look forward to their continued excellence as physicians and citizens of their respective communities."

Next, special awards were presented to two faculty mentors by the graduating residents, honoring James Freeman, MD, with the Philip M. Lewis Award for outstanding contributions to resident instruction in clinical service, and Thomas C. O'Donnell, MD, with the Roger L. Hiatt, MD, Award for outstanding contributions to resident instruction in academic development. David F. Jones, MD, graduating oculoplastics instructor; Brendan P. Girschek, MD, vitreoretinal instructor; and Sumalee Boonyaleephan, MD, glaucoma research fellow, also received special awards in recognition of their outstanding performance and service to the department.