New Simulator Training a Highlight of Annual Student Day

On Monday, January 25, 2016, more than 150 UTHSC medical students learned essential ophthalmic examination techniques at our annual Student Day. More than 30 UTHSC and regional ophthalmologists volunteered to provide guidance and instruction for students at the event. All second-year medical students participate in Student Day as part of the Principles of Clinical Medicine Course.

This year featured an exciting new addition to the course. The students were invited back on Thursday and Friday afternoons in small groups of 5-6 students to participate in hands-on training with our direct ophthalmoscope simulator platforms under the instruction of William R. Morris, MD, and Ivan Marais, MD. These two workstations, which reside in our Jim and Virginia McGehee Skills Transfer Center and William R. Morris, MD, Ophthalmic Education Center, accurately recreate the feel of a real ophthalmoscopic examination. When observed through the handheld optic, the simulator's gray plastic face appears as a lifelike virtual patient of varying age and gender who even blinks and flinches at the bright light. By presenting a wide spectrum of clinical cases with an increasing level of challenge, it helps teach the essential skills of recognition, diagnosis and management of retinal diseases. It displays what the student is examining, allowing an instructor to provide real-time guidance toward ocular landmarks and aid in diagnosis of abnormal findings while other students watch and learn.

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