HEI Director Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

faculty photoDr. Barrett G. Haik, UTHSC Hamilton Professor of Ophthalmology and director of the Hamilton Eye Institute, has been selected by the Memphis Business Journal to receive the 2015 Healthcare Heroes Lifetime Achievement Award.

A multitude of business and health care leaders wrote to support Dr. Haik's nomination. Here are just a few excerpts:

  • "Dr. Haik does so many things so well. His sense of responsibility to care for his patients is outstanding." – Hallam Boyd III, President and CEO, Sunstar Insurance Agency
  • "He has done so much for ophthalmology... it is impossible to add up the score." – Steve Charles, MD, FACS, Founding Director, Charles Retina Institute
  • "Barrett Haik has been preserving sight and delivering hope for thousands of our neighbors in this region and across the globe. Dr Haik's wide ranging impact is delivered one patient at a time, with a calmness and caring that belies the scale and impact with which he functions." – R. Brad Martin, Chairman, RBM Venture Company, and Retired Chairman and CEO, Saks Incorporated
  • "The Hamilton Eye Institute has risen, under Dr Barrett Haik's years of dedicated and most effective stewardship, to be among the nation's leading ophthalmology institutes - healing, researching, and teaching at the highest levels of the profession. This simply would not have happened except by the brilliant, inspired, and energetic leadership of Dr Barrett Haik, a Memphis treasure." – George Cates, Founder, Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc.
  • "Dr. Haik has left an enduring legacy on health care in the Memphis Area. His initiative and leadership built the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and the Hamilton Eye Institute, which is a health care landmark in the city and the region. He is an inspirational and creative leader who has influenced eye care in virtually all of the city's large health care institutions..." – Peter A. Netland, MD, PhD, Vernah Scott Moyston Professor & Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • "Dr. Haik combines such an amazing set of virtues into one person - compassion, vision, leadership and innovation to name a few. He revolutionized vision care here in Memphis by founding the Hamilton Eye Institute and through his work at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital." – Robert B. Carter, Executive Vice President, FedEx Information Services, and CIO
  • "He nurtured my academic curiosity, supported my surgical learning, and demonstrated how to be a true caring and dedicated physician for my patients. He never asked for anything in return. All he wanted was for me to grow as a true doctor. My experience with Dr. Haik is not unique. There is a multitude of physicians that he mentored before me, and he has continued to do so until today." – Jorge I. Calzada, MD, President, Charles Retina Institute
  • "Barrett has achieved greatness by just being himself... kind, considerate and thoughtful of others. Barrett always makes you feel... you are #1 on his list." – Horatio Eustis, MD, renowned New Orleans ophthalmologist

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