Hamilton Eye Institute Welcomes UT Medical Students for Annual "Student Day" Event

Each year at the Hamilton Eye Institute, the first Monday in February marks an event for which our clinics are opened to the entire second-year class of UT medical students. This "Student Day" is organized annually by William R. Morris, MD, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, in cooperation with Dr. Gail Beeman, Associate Professor of Pediatrics. "Dr. Beeman is the Course Director for Doctoring: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms, and this event is just one part of that," said Dr. Morris.

This year's program began with a welcome address from Barrett G. Haik, MD, Hamilton Professor and Chair of the UT Department of Ophthalmology, followed by an introductory lecture on "The Eye Examination" by Dr. Morris. The event then moved to the Hamilton Eye Institute clinics. There, students separated into groups of four or five and joined ophthalmologists in examination rooms to receive instruction in ophthalmic evaluation technologies and techniques that every physician should know.

More than thirty UT and regional private ophthalmologists and several ophthalmology residents participated in this year's event, which was attended by 152 students.