New RetCam™ System Provided for Honduras Pediatric Care Center

Dr. Barrett Haik, Dr. Judith Wilimas, George Velez, Blanca Phillips, and other international outreach representatives from St. Jude ALSAC traveled to Honduras February 17-21 to install a RetCam™, a retinal diagnostic system that is the standard of care for imaging pediatric retinoblastoma (eye cancer). It is also used extensively in the evaluation of retinopathy of prematurity, a potentially blinding disease that is increasing due to the growing number of surviving preterm infants, and in diagnosing shaken baby syndrome, congenital glaucoma, and most other pediatric eye diseases.

The visiting physicians also trained local Honduras doctors--who are experienced in the treatment of retinoblastoma using laser and cryotherapy--how to use the new equipment as well as the Orbis and Cure4Kids web sites, which will be used for consults.

The goals of this project are to improve the survival rate of children with retinoblastoma in Central America and save the sight of these children by improving the infrastructure for therapy, providing necessary equipment and consultative support, and training physicians. It will also help save families of afflicted children the cost of having to travel to Guatemala for treatment.

View photos from the outreach visit.