Grand Rounds Lecture Recordings

Date Lecture Speaker
08/02/19 Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency and I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues Fabliha Anbar, fourth-year medical student, University of Central Florida
Andrew Johnston, MD, UTHSC Resident Physician
07/19/19 Strategic Innovations in Global Ophthalmology Dr. Scott Lawrence
07/12/19 BRBNS and AAO Mid-Year Forum Updates Adrianna Eder, B.I.S., Medical Student
Salar Rafieetary, MD and Casey Smith, MD, UTHSC Resident Physicians
05/31/19 Pressure Points Jason Jensen, MD
05/17/19 The Midnight Mystery Salar Rafieetary, MD, PGY-2
05/10/19 Losin’ the Abducens Stephen Dryden, MD, UTHSC Resident Physician
05/03/19 Desquamation Station Edwin Gannon, MD, UTHSC Resident Physician
04/12/2019 Pollen to PKP and Periocular Rashes Eric Sollenberger, MD, UTHSC Resident Physician and Tejesh Patel, MD
03/29/2019 A Clinical Correlation to the Role of Inflammatory Markers in Ocular Surface Disease and Identification of Biomarkers for Dry Eye Disease Dr. Salar Rafieetary and Dr. Neeta Roy
03/22/2019 Cloudy with a Chance of Rain and Eyes, Wind and Fire Dr. Rutvi Patel and Dr. Charles D. McGuffey
03/08/2019 What’s the Connection? and Vital Amines Dr. Edwin Gannon and Dr. Jason Jensen
03/01/2019 Twist and Shout and Refractive Surgery Basics and Board Review Dr. Craig Thiessen, UTHSC Resident Physician and Dr. James C. Loden, from Loden Vision Centers in Nashville



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