Document Imaging & Management (Nolij)

Nolij is a document imaging and management solution for higher education institutions. Any type of administrative processes handling documents — such as simple file archiving, multi-leveled approval process and even complicated inter-departmental business processes — can be transformed into a set of web-based Nolij workflows. By integrating your business processes and automating the workflows, Nolij can significantly increase the productivity of your department while protecting sensitive and restricted information.

Nolij also provides additional administrative features such as reporting, instant messaging, email configuration, and database query builder. Nolij integrates with most leading databases and has been enabled to share information with the Banner Student Information System.

UTHSC ITS offers a comprehensive set of services for the campus Nolij clients. Typical services include:

  • Departments/users/permissions set up
  • Scan-Store-Retrieve of documents set up
  • Workflow set up
  • Simple/batch query set up
  • Custom query logic and data integration
  • Initial and on-demand onsite training

Nolij Support Team

Tonya Brown
Phone: (901) 448-5902

Bryan Berretta
Phone: (901) 448-3839

Johnson Building, Suite 226A and Suite 205J
847 Monroe St.
Memphis, TN 38163
Fax: (901) 448-2100

Usage Disclaimer

By using the Nolij application you agree that you will not violate UTHSC's policies and procedures related to the Use of Information Technology Resources, Intellectual Property, Copyright, HIPAA, and FERPA.