Current Clinical Research and Product Trials

Plaque pH Analysis Project

  • PI: Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy
  • Purpose: To evaluate the adequacy and accuracy of current industry methods to measure and analyze the pH of plaque.
  • Enrollment: Prequalifying subjects from previous plaque studies can inquire about participating.
  • Please contact Laura Young at 901-448-2210 for more information.

Fluoride Varnish Application for Treatment of White Spot Lesion After Fixed Orthodontic Treatment. A Pilot Study

  • PI: Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy and Dr. Terry Trojan
  • To determine the efficacy of fluoride varnish (5% sodium fluoride with tricalcium phosphate) in reverting white spot lesions (WSLs) after fixed orthodontic treatment as compared to fluoride gel (1.23% APF).
  • Enrollment: Open to patients in the UTHSC Orthodontic Clinic
  • Please contact Colette Stewart at 901-448-2794 for more information.

Effects of Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment on Composite Restoration and Caries Prevention

  • PI: Dr. Liang Hong
  • Purpose: To investigate the effects of an investigative non-thermal plasma brush on composite restorations and caries prevention.
  • Enrollment: Open to patients in the UTHSC dental clinics.
  • Please contact Shantel Jeffries at 901-448-4639 for more information.

Influence of Maternal Factors on Caries Development in Early Childhood - A CANDLE Ancillary Study

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  • PIs: Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, Dr. Liang Hong
  • Co-I: Dr. Fran Tylavsky
  • Purpose: Assessment of the role maternal factors play in the development of dental caries in early childhood.
  • Enrollment: CANDLE study participants only
  • Current participants: please direct any questions to Shantel Jeffries at 901-448-4639.

A Clinical Evaluation of NobelProcera ™ Implant Bar Overdenture in the Mandible or Maxilla on 4 NobelReplace ™ CC Implants

  • PI: Dr. David Cagna
  • Purpose: To determine the bone behavior and survival rates of the NobelProcera TM implants, the bar, and the overdenture by evaluating its clinical behavior.
  • Enrollment: Open to qualified patients in the Department of Prosthodontics
  • Please contact Dr. Cagna for more information: 901-448-6930.

Multi-Center Phase 3 Trial of Minocycline HCl 1mg Microsphere for the Use in Subjects with Peri-Implantitis: Clinical and Microbiological Evaluations

  • PI: Dr. Paul Bland
  • Purpose: To evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and antimicrobial effect of an investigational drug, Minocycline HCl Microspheres 1mg, on peri-implantitis following mechanical debridement as compared to mechanical debridement alone.
  • Enrollment: Open to qualified patients in the Department of Periodontics
  • Please contact Colette Stewart at 901-448-2794 for more information.