College of Dentistry Patient Care: Dentures

Dentures restore some of your ability to chew after your natural teeth have been extracted.  They are made to match the shape of your regular teeth and to look as natural as possible.  They support the lips and the muscles of the face and they allow you to speak naturally.  In order to make your dentures, the dentist will make accurate impressions of your ridges and careful measurement of relationship between your upper and lower jaws.

Dentures rest on the ridges and form a seal when the air is squeezed out between the ridge and the baseplate.  Saliva forms a thin layer that helps to retain the dentures in place.   Your dentures are made to cover the greatest area possible without being displaced by movements of the tongue and cheeks.

Like any man made replacement for missing body parts, dentures are not as efficient as your natural teeth and some period of adjustment is necessary.

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