Advanced Specialty Education Program in Endodontics

The Advanced Specialty Education Program in Endodontics is located in the College of Dentistry's Winfield C. Dunn building on the University of Tennessee Health Science Center campus in Memphis, Tennessee. Successful completion of the 2 year program leads to a Certificate of Proficiency in Endodontics, awarded by the UTHSC College of Dentistry. Upon successful completion of the optional Master of Dental Science (MDS) program, the UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences awards the MDS degree.

The program provides advanced instruction and clinical training intended to facilitate the private and/or academic practice of endodontics. To complete the Certificate Program, residents must demonstrate proficiency in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the dental pulp and the related periodontal tissues. The program complies with standards established by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and qualifies residents for examination by the American Board of Endodontics. Continuous, full time attendance in the 24-month is required. The Certificate Program concludes (a minimum of) two years from date of entry which is normally the Monday prior to July 4th).

The 24 month Master of Dental Science (MDS) program mirrors the Certificate Program for clinical training, but has with minor research deviations. The MDS Program as defined by the College of Graduate Health Sciences (CGHS) is a 'Project-Based' degree program. Due to the research complexity, a decision to remain in the MDS degree program must be made by the end of the first academic semester. Successful completion of the MDS program requires manuscript preparation through submission for publication to a suitable refereed journal.

Due to the time limitations and overall program requirements, it is less likely a student can complete the manuscript preparation and final defense in 24 months, requiring a 'Delayed Graduation.' Delayed graduation requires registering for Research 600 for one (1) credit hour, and off campus completion of degree requirements.

Those wanting more information on the 24-month Master of Dental Science program are directed to UTHSC College of Dentistry webpage on Postgraduate Dental Education.

The cost of the Program is estimated at $14000 per year (excluding tuition, health insurance and living experenses). The primary cost is the Endodontic Clinic Utilization Fee. This fee was implemented to lessen the burden of student purchased equipment and supplies while attending the program, yet allow continuous updating and maintenance of the state of the art clinic facility. In addition, residents are required to purchase 5 sets of scrubs (tops and pants), a NEW Apple Macintosh laptop computer, and are strongly encouraged to become student members of the American Association of Endodontists.

Because post graduate endodontic students are enrolled in the UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences, tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students is waived by the Board of Trustees of the University. All enrolled students and residents at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center must have health insurance. An affordable health insurance plan is available through the University. If the student or resident elects a different health insurance plan, proof of comparable coverage must be provided. For descriptive information on the health insurance plan available through the University websites. Both Tuition and Health Insurance have already been corrected from the $14000 per year estimate.

The University has established a Student Financial Aid Department that is committed to removing the financial barriers to education for students with limited resources. Several forms of financial aid assistance for students may be secured through University and other sources. Information is available by contacting the UTHSC Financial Aid Office.

Successful admission matriculation into the Advanced Post Graduate Endodontic Program requires that applicants have the following credentials and submitted documentation:

  • Completed the PASS application form
  • Dental school class rank in the upper 50% of their graduating class
  • At least a "B" course work average in dental school, or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Official copies of test scores for Part 1 and Part 2 of the National Board Dental Exam
  • DDS, DMD or equivalent degree
  • Official final transcripts from dental school and post-dental educational experiences
  • An active state dental license from one of the 50 US states.

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