Administration of Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist

Online Didactic and Clinical Face-to-Face Course

Date and Times:
Friday, December 12, 2014 from 1 - 5 p.m.
Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (lunch on own)

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Friday: General Education Building, Room TBD
8 S. Dunlap St., Memphis, TN 38163
Saturday: Dunn Dental Building, 5th Floor Clinic
875 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38163

Madison Plaza Garage (H Lot) located at 940 Madison Ave. - $5/day. Metered parking is also available for a cost along S. Dunlap, East, & Beale Streets. Note: Dean's Lot (N Lot) located behind Dunn Dental Bldg. and the Dental Patient Lot (O Lot) located southwest of building are free on weekends only.

CE credit and Tuition: 35 credit hours $1,000/per attendee

Course Presenters: Drs. Bobby Collins and Cassandra Holder Ballard

This is a limited attendance course. Applications will be accepted in order of receipt. Application and $500 deposit fee is required for access to the online course material, with final payment due two weeks prior to the first day of the face-to-face class.

Course Registration Form

Course Description

This course has two (2) major components.

Component 1: Theory and Foundation Preparation.

The online didactic course reviews the procedures available for the management of pain and anxiety. Principles of local anesthesia will include anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, armamentarium, technique and complications. This is done at your own pace and accomplished in an ONLINE format. It consists of 15 modules, which are sequentially ordered. All ONLINE MODULES MUST BE COMPLETED before the face-to-face lab.

Component 2: Face-to-Face Laboratory Portion.

This is held at University of Tennessee Health Science Center, in Memphis Tennessee on a Friday afternoon from 1 - 5 pm and Saturday from 8am-5pm. On Friday, the theory and foundational information will be reviewed and you will complete a comprehensive examination. On Saturday, you will come to UTHSC Dunn Dental Building, Memphis, TN for clinical practice in delivering local anesthesia.

Course Goal and Objectives

The goal of this course is to prepare the practicing dental hygienist to assist the dentist in alleviating and managing patient's dental pain and anxiety.

The dental hygienist will be provided background knowledge in how nerve impulses are propagated and blocked, and the mechanics of local anesthetic administration.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the dental hygiene participant will:

  • Understand the philosophy and psychology of local anesthesia,
  • Evaluate a patient's medical history and physical status including measurement of vital signs,
  • Evaluate indications and contraindications for use of local anesthesia,
  • Identify anatomical landmarks that pertain to administration of local anesthesia,
  • Understand the physiology of nerve conduction,
  • Understand the pharmacology of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors,
  • Be able to select and prepare the proper armamentaria for the administration of local anesthesia,
  • Properly record the administration of local anesthetic procedures and complications,
  • Be able to manage common medical emergencies as related to the administration of local
  • Recognize and manage post-injection complications and reactions to injections,
  • Employ infection control techniques including disposal of sharps,
  • Administer local anesthetic agents with emphasis on: technique, aspiration, slow injection, and minimum effective dosage,
  • Recognize, and manage toxic reactions to local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors,
  • Recognize, and manage allergic reactions to local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors,
  • Calculate highest safe dose based on patient's weight and/or age,
  • Determine the need for reinjection,
  • Administer local anesthesia for infiltration,
  • Administer local anesthesia for nerve blockage,
  • Monitor the patient's physical status while under the effects of local anesthetics.

Required Items

Required texts may be ordered online: Handbook of Local Anesthesia, current edition, Malamed, Stanley F., Mosby,. & CD. Supplemental material provided online.

Required clinical supplies (must bring to face-to-face lab): Syringe, clinic jacket and safety glasses.

About The Presenters

presenter photo

Dr. Bobby Collins

Dr. Bobby Collins is a Tennessee licensed dentist and adjunct faculty member at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in the department of dental hygiene. He practiced general dentistry for nearly thirty years. He served on the Tennessee Board of Dentistry 1988-1995 (President, 1993). He served as a member of SRTA from 1988-1995.

His educational background includes:

  • DDS University of Iowa
  • MST Memphis State University
  • BS Biology-Memphis State University

Dr. Cassandra Holder Ballard

presenter photo

Dr. Cassandra Holder Ballard is a Tennessee licensed dental hygienist, an associate professor, and the dental hygiene program Chairman at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

She has 15 years of clinical dental hygiene experience, 7 years of dental assisting experience, and 23 years of dental hygiene education experience.

Her educational background includes:

  • Ed.D. University of Memphis
  • MPA Memphis State University
  • BS Tennessee State University
  • AS Tennessee State University & Meharry Medical College