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Collagen Core

David Brand, Director
Phone: 901-577-7282
Email: dbrand@uthsc.edu

Collagen Core

The Center of Excellence for Diseases of Connective Tissues maintains a core facility for the large-scale purification of collagen, and the production of alpha chains and CB peptides for research in autoimmunity. Tissues used as a source of cartilage are obtained exclusively from meat packing industry by-products.

Presently, these collagens are available from our core service at prices competitive with commercial entities providing this grade of product.

If you are interested in further information regarding pricing and availability
of collagen from our core service, please contact David Brand.

Collagen Amino Acid Sequences

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Many grams of cartilage Chips Homoginization on a large scale Inspecting Carboxymethyl Cellulose Separation of alpha chains Shell-Freezing the desalted collagen products Sublimation on the Lyophilyzer Finished Product: 5 ml vials of CII @4 mg/ml in 50mM Acetic Acid Cartoon of the CII Structure Inflammed Paw of Arthritic Mouse Why we call it Bucket Biochemistry Chick Type II Collagen CB Peptides Embryonic fibroblast migrating through the developing stromal matrix of a chicken cornea around the 12th day of development ((c) ca. 1970 - D. Hasty) EM of collagen fibrils from chrome tanned cowhide prepared by fragmentation and stained with phosphotungstic acid. The typical axial period is seen as in the shadowed preparation. PTA brings out the characteristic intraperiod structure. Magnification 260,000X. F.O. Schmitt and J. Gross, J. Am. Leather Chem. Assn., XLIII:658,1948