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The University of Tennessee Health Science Center hotline telephone numbers are available for anyone wishing to file a complaint regarding an alleged violation of federal reimbursement regulations by the University. These regulations include Fraud and Abuse, the False Claims Act, Anti-kickback Statute, Stark I & II Laws, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

You are encouraged to share information you believe is relevant for Federal regulation compliance. You are not required to identify yourself. Confidentiality regarding the issues you raise will be protected up to the limits of the law. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is obligated under the law to report felonious violations of the law if material facts of evidence are provided that constitute a criminal violation of the law. Your concern might not be addressed unless you provide sufficient information about the facts of the suspected infringement.

Reported items will be investigated, and appropriate action will be taken. There will be no repercussions taken against an employee who asks to have an issue investigated. Please provide all information about the supposed infraction of which you have knowledge. Names of individuals who should be contacted during our investigation will help the Compliance/Privacy Officer discover evidence of the reported violation. Progress of the inquiry will be provided to you if you provide your name and telephone number.

There are additional ways to report a Federal regulation violation. You can call Carolyn Moffitt, the Compliance/Privacy Officer, at 901-448-1672 or complete a complaint form posted on the Compliance Website. You may fax your completed complaint form to 901-448-6726 or mail it by either campus mail or through the postal service to Carolyn Moffitt, 920 Madison Avenue, Suite 807, Memphis, Tennessee, 38163.

This announcement is being distributed in accordance with the UT Health Science Center Compliance Program.

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