The UTHSC Viral Vector Core provides the following services to UTHSC faculty members:

1.  Design Lentiviral and Adenoviral vectors for overexpression and knockdown of gene expression.  Adenoviral Associated vectors designed for overexpression are available now and knockdown versions will be available soon.

2.  Production of Lentiviral, Adenoviral and Adeno-associated vectors.

3.  Concentration and purification of vectors.

4.  Training in viral vector manipulation.

5.  Detection of replication competent virus.

6.  Distribution of recombinant reporter vectors for EGFP and the reverse transactivator rtTA.

7.  Assistance in IBC and IACUC approval for use of viral vectors.

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UTHSC Center for Cancer Research

Director of the Center for Cancer Research:
D. Neil Hayes, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.

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Janine Twitchell
Senior Administrative Assistant 

Cancer Research Building
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