Tips for a Safe Campus

When walking or jogging:

Go with someone.
Stay away from isolated areas.
Stay in well lit areas.

If you’re followed:

Cross the street and change directions.
Go to a well lighted area. Enter a store, house, residence hall, anywhere there are people.
Notice and try to remember as much as possible about the person, so you can give a good description later.

If you’re a victim of a robbery:

Don’t resist, No amount of money is worth taking chances with your life.
Notify the campus police or local police immediately.
Try to give a description that includes approximate age, height, weight, clothing, jewelry, and details on hair, scars, tattoos, anything that is noticeable.

Protect personal and University property:

Lock your office door every time you leave.
Engrave expensive equipment
Engraving equipment is available upon request in the Campus Police office.
Don’t store your purse in an unlocked desk drawer.
Don’t leave your belongings unattended in libraries, hallways, locker rooms, or classrooms.

If you are working late:

Keep your office door locked.
Lock all doors behind you as you enter and exit the building.
Advise the Campus Police that you are in your office.

Protect yourself and your car:

Keep doors locked while driving.
Don’t pick up hitchhikers.
Always lock your car and take the keys.
Park in well lighted areas.
Place packages out of sight.

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