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All on-the-job accidents should be reported in 48 hours or less to the employee’s supervisor. A worker’s compensation claim must be completed and submitted to the Risk Management Office (974-5409).

Tips for handling injuries include:

Report all injuries, even if medical attention is not needed.

General Liability

Immediately complete Incident Report Form and report to the campus Risk Management liaison or designated campus/unit “claims” office. This form is available from the campus/unit business office or from the Office of Risk Management's website.

Professional Liability

Report any potential claim to Risk Management and/or the General Counsel’s Office. Also complete an Incident Report Form, except for medical claims.

Automobile Liability

Refer to the Driver’s Reference Manual provided by Transportation Service and the instruction packet located in the glove box of the University vehicle.

Any accident or occurrence that may produce a claim in any area above must be reported (Driver’s Report of Vehicle Accident Form) immediately, and no admission of fault or responsibility should be made.

Workers Compensation Claims

  1. Report the accident/injury to your supervisor immediately.
  2. In a medical emergency that is life-threatening or results in serious bodily injury, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Your supervisor or a family member should call the CorVel 24-hour nurse line at 1-866-245-8588 to report the incident.
  3. For non-emergency injuries, you and your supervisor will call the CorVel 24-hour nurse line at 1-866-245-8588. The nurse will determine if your injury will require self-care, or urgent care and provide you with the nearest authorized medical provider.
  4. If the injury only requires self-care, this would be an incident only claim and no further action would be needed with CorVel.
  5. When medical treatment is needed, your supervisor will make a follow-up phone call to CorVel and select option 2 to complete the First Notice of Loss, and you will then be assigned a claims representative who will be in contact with you to answer questions, pay bills, and help you return safely to work.  Failure of the supervisor to call CorVel and complete the First Notice of Loss will result in the department being fined by the State.
  6. On the Risk Management website, there are links to the “Incident Report,”“Lost Time/Return to Work Calendar,” and “Employee and Supervisor Instructions” forms. These need to be completed by you and your supervisor. Once completed, please forward the forms to your campus HR/WC representative. They will review and forward to the Office of Risk Management.

A link to The university of Tennessee Policy HR0397 – Workers Compensation can be found here.

Last Published: Nov 27, 2017