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Photo Gallery

    BSA Awards 2015 Speech               The BSA Ball was held on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at the Holiday Inn, 3700 Central Avenue, University of Memphis Campus in the Central Ballroom.  The Speaker was Dr. Michelle Skinner, a UT graduate who received her PharmD in 1995 from the College of Pharmacy.   Alex, Dr. Brown, and Dr. Schwab   Dr. Christina Rosenthal       Dr. Rosenthal & Lauren Russell, BSA VP   Felicia Emery BSA Awards 2015     2014 BSA Awards & Recognition Banquet Honorees Left to Right:  Keysha Ray (COP); Ludwig Francillon (COM); Latasha Garrett (COD); Porshia Mahoro (CON); Jacqueline Taylor (CAHS now CHP); Anita Brown (COD); and Adole Muruako (CGHS).       2014 BSA Awards & Recognition Banquet Honorees   2015 BSA Awardees with Drs. Ken Brown and Steve Schwab  

Last Published: Dec 17, 2018