The Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD) is a department within the University of Tennessee’s College of Medicine. As such, the BCDD is an integral and collaborative partner with other colleges within the UT Health Science Center.

Interdisciplinary leadership training in developmental disabilities is provided for undergraduate and graduate students, for personnel who already provide services and supports, and for individuals and their families with disabilities and special health care needs.

Each year students who show promise toward becoming leaders in teaching, research, clinical practice, and/or administration and policymaking are selected as LEND trainees. LEND programs provide long-term, graduate level interdisciplinary leadership training as well as interdisciplinary services and care. There are 43 LEND training programs located throughout the United States. LEND curricula encompass education at the master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral levels. Training experiences include classroom course work, leadership development, clinical skill building, mentoring and community outreach.

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