Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is the primary consumer advising and guiding body for Boling Center faculty. The purpose of the CAC is to review, advise and make recommendations that will assist the UCEDD to maintain and develop initiatives that reflect the UCEDD mission. The CAC provides a forum for individuals with disabilities, their families and provider representatives to voice interests, views, and issues related to disability laws and reforms. The UCEDD faculty values consumer input, guidance and feedback regarding training, research, technical assistance and direct services.

How to Get Involved

We are always looking for members across the state of Tennessee particularly from rural areas. If you are interested please contact Jenness Roth at 901-448-3737 or by email at

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Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Meets quarterly.  Zoom web conferencing is available.


Memphis, TN - UT Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities, 711 Jefferson Avenue. Contact Jenness Roth for parking and details at 901-448-3737 or by email at

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