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Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Completion Program



The degree completion program for the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree primarily is designed as an avenue for past graduates from the University who are licensed as physical therapists to gain the additional knowledge necessary to transition to the entry-level DPT. However, graduates from programs other than UTHSC will be individually evaluated for entry into the program. The degree completion program was developed in conjunction with the Professional Program in Physical Therapy’s conversion to the DPT‚ which requires 125 credit hours (post-BS degree).

Application Deadlines:

  • May 1 – Summer Semester
  • August 1 – Fall Semester
  • November 1 – Winter Semester


Pamela D. Ritzline, Ed.D., P.T.
Director of Graduate Program
Department of Physical Therapy

The University of Tennessee
Health Science Center
930 Madison – Suite 640
Memphis, TN 38163