Laboratory Facilities

Cancer Research Building photo, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, 19 Manassas, Memphis, TN 38163

Core Facilities at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Molecular Resource Center

The Molecular Resource Center (MRC) is located in the 3rd floor of the Cancer Research Bldg, 19 Manassas, Memphis, TN 38163. The MRC maintains satellite laboratories in eight other locations within the UTHSC campus partnering with the Departments of Comparative Medicine, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Neurobiology, Neurology, Pediatrics and Molecular Sciences. MRC houses genotyping (Applied Biosystems 3700 and 3100 DNA Analyzers), sequencing (Applied Biosystems 310 and 3100 Sequencing Analyzers), LightCycler®480 new realtime PCR, Real Time PCR Applied Biosystems 7700, and Primer Express Software to determine primers and probes for real time PCR), flow cytometry (phenotyping, DNA analysis, cell sorting, and phosphor imaging (chemiluminescent, radioactivity, fluorescence, Molecular Diagnostics Typhoon) equipment and employs a staff of six specialists. The MRC has recently acquired 3 single capillary genetic analyzers, high capacity 96 capillary gene mapping systems, 2 high capacity 16 capillary DNA sequencers, 2 DNS chip arrayers, DNA chip reader (fluorescent), 2 phosphorimager/flurimagers, and a microinjection system for transgenic production. New cytometric equipment includes a fluorescence activated cell sorter and laser capture microdissection microscope. The LightCycler®480 System setup enables the use of all current probe formats (e.g., SYBR Green I, Hydrolysis Probes, HybProbe Probes) and provides the ideal solution for fast and precise qualitative or quantitative detection of nucleic acids, genotyping, and mutation analysis.