Student Insurance Policy

Disability Insurance

AGENT: Gordon Bingham Insurance
254 Court Avenue
Memphis, TN 38101
Tel: 544-2322 | 1-800-242-3714

Health Insurance

AGENT: Gerald Holland Insurance
Tel: 393-9474 | 1-888-393-9500

NOTE: Insurance changes may be done through banner.

Malpractice Insurance

AGENT: Ellen Murphee
State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company
Tel: 1-800-342-2239 | 1-615-377-1999

Student Liability Insurance

CONTACT: Stefeni Kennedy
Tel: 901-448-5506 | 910 Madison Avenue, Suite 1020

Visit the University Health Services website for the latest information regarding student insurance!

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Interim Associate Dean

Susan C. Brewer, M.D.

Executive Dean:
David M. Stern, M.D.