M4 Career Connections: Understanding Yourself

This is a process that you should have been preparing for from day 1. But now in the M4 year, much work is left to do. Determining what's important to you in a residency training program and selecting programs that will meet your educational and career goals is the final step. Specifically, this step addresses applying to residency, interviewing, and creating a rank list for the Match. These activities are integral to implementing your specialty decision. The Office of Student Affairs will provide a great deal of support during this time.

Year 4 Timeline

Contact Dean of Student Affairs with issues, concerns, and/or questions relative to specialty choice and/or competitiveness of specialty.

Visit the NRMP website for Match data.

Timeline Activities and Tasks
April - May Match 401 Session with Dean of Student Affairs -Strolling Through the Match Video icon
  • Mechanics of the application process and information on the Match and SOAP process;
  • How to get letters of recommendation;
  • Review of preparing your credentials.
Mid-May - Late June
  • ERAS Tokens; begin filling out online application and uploading support documents to ERAS Post Office;
  • Begin scheduling MSPE appointments;
  • Request Letters of Recommendation.
Early July - Mid September
  • MSPE Interviews;
  • Schedule and meet with department chairs for Chairman's Letter;
  • ERAS goes live! Begin transmitting application and support documents to programs;
  • Register for National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).
Mid September M4 AOA Fall Selection Process
  • Top twenty-five percent eligible; notice of eligibility sent to students;
  • Up to twenty-one (21) M4s selected for AOA.
October - Mid January Interview for residency
  • Update paper copy of curriculum vitae to present at interviews.
February Early Match Results
Mid March NRMP Match Week
  • Monday: Did I match?
  • Monday - Thursday: SOAP Process for unmatched/unfilled.
  • Friday: Match Day!
  • Saturday: Caduceus Ball
May (last Friday) Deans' Convocation and Graduation

Office of Student Affairs

910 Madison Ave, #1043
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: (901) 448-5684
Fax: (901) 448-7085

Interim Associate Dean

Susan C. Brewer, M.D.

Executive Dean:
David M. Stern, M.D.