Career Connections

M3 Career Connections: Understanding Yourself

This step involves analyzing what you've learned about yourself and about specialties and determining where you might fit well. Through this step, you should develop an objective framework for making your specialty decision. Meeting with a specialty advisor and recognizing your competitiveness and fit for the specialty is crucial. You may elect to do away electives in the M3/ M4 year.


Class Year Timeline Activities and Tasks Suggestions for Career Planning
Year 3   Throughout the Year
May Step I USMLE Score Results:
Reality check with regard to specialty
Contact Dean of Student Affairs with issues, concerns, and/or questions relative to specialty choice and/or competitiveness of specialty. 
May - March Clerkships
  • Begin to consider whether you like a surgical vs. a medical field OR if you like both;
  • Consider the less "usual" specialties such as Anesthesiology, Pathology, and Radiology; seek experiences on core clerkships;
  • May schedule electives after 3 core clerkships and away-electives after four (4) core clerkships.
Late October Speed-dating session held by Memphis Medical Society -
Discuss specialty specifics with Memphis area physicians
Early November Match 301 Session with Dean of Student Affairs -
Preparing your credentials; Introduction to specialty selection
Early December Residency Exploration Day:
Opportunity to meet with faculty/residents from each specialty.
November - January Specialty Advisors
Mid January M4 Orientation Sessions
  • Scheduling your M4 electives (Office of Medical Education)
  • Away Electives
    (Office of Medical Education)
Late March Match 302 Session with Dean of Student Affairs -
  • Update of recent match statistics, local and national;
Panel of current M4s representing as many specialties as possible will present "Things I learned and want you to know." List of M4s provide contact information and invite for direct contact regarding specialty choice. 
March M3 AOA Spring Selection Process
Up to six (6) M3s selected for AOA; Most will have 4.00 GPA 
April - December Step 2 USMLE CK | Step 2 USMLE CS 

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