College of Medicine Peer Coaching for Educators

Improve your teaching. Increase your level of teaching satisfaction. Conceived and organized by UTHSC, College of Medicine (COM) faculty, Peer Coaching for Educators (PC-Ed) is a voluntary peer mentorship program that consists of observation of your teaching followed by a feedback session.

PC-Ed coaches are COM faculty with years of teaching experience who have gone through training as a peer coach.

Peer coaching through PC-Ed IS:

  • Helpful  
  • Encouraging  
  • Respectful  
  • Confidential 


  • Judgmental
  • An Evaluation
  • Reported to your Chair

Does PC-Ed count as effort on the COM Teaching Effort Calculator?

Yes, you submit actual hours engaged in meetings with your coach. Your in-class teaching time remains under actual hours taught. PC-Ed also qualifies as one of the three teaching activities required for COM faculty.

For additional information, contact George Cook, Lorraine Albritton or any of the coaches

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PC-Ed Coaches

Lorraine Albritton, PhD
George Cook, PhD
Rod Hori, PhD
Mark Miller, PhD 
Ken Nishimoto, PhD
Vicki Park, PhD
Pat Ryan, PhD 
Susan Senogles, PhD