New Policy and Procedures for Appointment and Promotion

Promotion Forms and Assessment ToolsMicrosoft Excel

New Discontinuance Policies

UTHSC Discontinuance BOT (approved)Acrobat PDF

Procedural Framework for Academic Program Discontinuance (Final as approved by Board of Trustees)Acrobat PDF

Misrepresentation of Academic Credentials

Misrepresentation of one's academic credentials, e.g. on such documents as job applications, CVs, or resumes is a Class A misdemeanor under State of Tennessee law.

A person commits the offense of misrepresentation of academic credentials who, knowing that the statement is false and with the intent to secure employment at or admission to an institution of higher education in Tennessee, represents, orally or in writing, that such person: (1) has successfully completed the required course work for and has been awarded one or more degrees or diplomas from an accredited institution of higher education; (2) has successfully completed the required course work for and has been awarded one or more degrees or diplomas from a particular institute of higher education; or (3) has successfully completed the required course work for and has been awarded one or more degrees or diplomas in a particular field or specialty from an accredited institution of higher education.

PC 661--Warning on misrepresentation on academic credentialAcrobat PDF

Fact About Your Faculty Senate


Was established in 1971 by resolution of the Board of Trustees of the University of Tennessee to represent faculty positions of matters of importance to The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) and to the University of Tennessee (UT).

Has provided an effective channel through which the UTHSC and UT Administration can seek the counsel and judgment of the Faculty about matters of concern to the University for almost 35 years.

Examines issues important to the UTHSC faculty and makes recommendations to the UTHSC Chancellor and the President of the University of Tennessee regarding these issues.

Responds to requests from the UTHSC and UT administrative officials to advise them on the consensus opinions of the UTHSC faculty on issues, policies, and procedures.

Constitutes a presence on the UT Board of Trustees through appointment of the Faculty Senate President as a voting member.

Has active committees established to address:

Links to Affiliated Faculty Senate Organizations

The Association Tennessee University Faculty Senates (TUFS) is a statewide organization representing the faculty senates of all ten of the public four-year universities in the state of Tennessee. The goals of TUFS are to foster communication among faculty senates across the state and offer faculty an opportunity to speak with a united voice on issues of importance for higher education.

The University of Tennessee Faculty Council (UTFC) is dedicated to upholding and exercising the principles of academic freedom, shared governance, tenure, and the faculty's primary responsibility for the university's curriculum. The Council confers with, advises, and communicates with the President of the University of Tennessee system (and his/her staff, as appropriate) on system-wide matters of interest to the faculties (UTC, UTK, UTHSC, and UTM) and the President.

University of Tennessee Salary Database

The Commercial Appeal maintains this database of UT salaries.

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Faculty Senate President
Terrance G. Cooper, Ph.D.
Harriet S. Van Vleet Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Dept. of Microbiology, Immunology & Biochemistry
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Phone: Office (901) 448-6179
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