Faculty Handbook

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Complete UTHSC Faculty Handbook in PDF form last revised April 20, 2010.


Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Academic Governance

Section 3 - Rights and Responsibilities of the Faculty

Section 4 - Selection, Appointment, Tenure, and Career Development of Tenure Track Faculty

Section 5 - Selection, Appointment, and Career Development of Nontenure Track Faculty Members

Section 6 - Faculty Ranks, Classifications of Appointments,
and Promotion

Section 7 - Faculty Grievances

Section 8 - Termination of a Tenured Faculty Member and Procedures
for Termination of a Tenured Faculty Member for Adequate Cause


All Appendices

Appendix A - Organizational Charts

Appendix B - Bylaws of UT Health Science Center Faculty Senate

Appendix C - Statement of Policy on Misconduct in Research and Service

Appendix D - General Policies on Conflict of Interests

Appendix E - General Policies on Compensated Outside Services

Appendix F - Guidelines for Compliance with FERPA, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

Appendix G - Honor Code of the UT Health Science Center

Appendix H - Financial Exigency Policies and Procedures

Appendix I - UTHSC Campus Procedures for Academic Program Discontinuance

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