Standing and Special Committees

Standing and special committees receive charges from the Faculty Senate either (1) by way of the Executive Committee or (2) directly from the Faculty Senate at a meeting. The Executive Committee coordinates charges to the standing committees of the Faculty Senate. Any faculty member with an item, needing consideration by the Faculty Senate, may raise the issue with the appropriate departmental senator. The departmental senator conveys the information to the appropriate representative to the Executive Committee.

The matter will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled Executive Committee meeting. The Executive Committee then formulates the charge and determines the appropriate committee(s) to which it should be routed. The President or Secretary-Treasurer communicates the charge to the committee chair with copies to the Executive Committee liaison. At the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Faculty Senate, the President reports on delivery of the charge.

Alternatively, at a regular meeting of the Faculty Senate, any senator may bring an item to the floor as new business. At this time a motion is made to relegate the matter to the appropriate committee for further consideration. Any motion for action, approved by the Faculty Senate, will be referred to the Executive Committee for formulating the charge and assigning to the appropriate committee.

Standing Committees:

To see (1) Areas of responsibility, (2) Goals for this year, and (3) Membership (Chair, Senator-members, and ex officio and advisory members), please click on the name of a particular committee listed below:

Special Committees:

Honorary Degree Nominating Committee

Honorary Degree Selection Committee

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